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The art of plumbing has a long history stretching back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. Plumbing has come quite a long way since that, today every house in North America has extensive plumbing that brings clean water to millions.

Having proper and efficient plumbing in your home is critical for both your health and your utilities bill. Old and ineffective pipes waste energy and can cause harmful minerals to enter your drinking water. In addition to this, plumbing often times breaks down in houses prompting a visit from a plumber.

London Ontario Plumbers acts as an  index for all of your plumbing needs. Simply log on to this website and find a plumber near you all across Ontario.

London Ontario Plumbers takes pride in it’s work, and you can be guaranteed that any plumbing service you find on this website will be top notch. We only recommend the best plumbing services of which we know of from extensive experience in the industry.

We can also be used as a directory for basic plumbing problems. We will be updating this website regularly to show you simply fixes to some of your plumbing problems thus saving you from a visit from a plumber.

Feel free to contact and reach out to us at anytime regarding plumbing problems we have a few people who’d be happy to answer your questions.

Typically speaking the average cost per hour for a plumber is between $45-$150 dollars an hour. The cost of a plumbing job also depends a lot on the job being done. Some jobs will require the replacement of complex parts which warrants a higher price. Also age and experience comes in to factor to the cost per hour for a plumber. Typically speaking  novice plumbers make significantly less than experience plumbers in their field.

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